Northern Select Sale 1 June @ 18H00 Agra Ring Windhoek

What we offer:

VB1860 Arla Maniok

Strong masculine bull, with lots of definition. He is a prime example of a good fieldbull – received minimum feeding!
He has good Milk EBVs and average growth EBVs. A bull with strong legs and adaptable in any area. He is the ideal bull for your crossbreeding cows.

Scrotum 40cm
Semen 2

VB196 Arla Benjo

A well-balanced bull with strong legs, clean sheath & good topline. He has good growth EBVs as well as Milk EBVs. His (EMA) Eyemuscle area and retail yield EBVs are within the top 5% of the breed.

Scrotum 33cm
Semen 3

VB1933 Arla Marnar

An Eyecatcher! A TOP Bull!
Structurally strong masculine bull with exceptional definition and strong legs. He has a clean sheath and a strong topline.
A must-have bull that stands out on all areas!
High growth rate EBVs and good Milk EBVs. His carcas weight & IMF EBVs are within the top 2% of the breed.

Scrotum 40cm
Semen 3

19-0131KA Karla Romano

An Eyecatcher!
A strong masculine bull with exceptional capacity. He is a top bull, rated 7. A well balanced, exceptional definition bull with a strong a topline and strong legs. He has good growth EBVs.

SNP Genotype
Scrotum 39cm
Semen 4

About Karla & Arla

Arla Simmentaler originated from the well-known Buschbrunnen Simmentaler Stud, which was started by Mr H.D. van Biljon (1968) and sold in 2003. Arla is owned by Mrs Ulla van Biljon and managed by Mrs Silvia van Biljon, who are both passionate farmers. Arla Simmentaler Stud started breeding with twenty females, growing to ninety cows and at present producing ca. eighty calves yearly.
Karla Brahman stud was started ten years ago by buying a few cows/heifers from the OKB and ERP studs and at present producing ca. eighty calves yearly. The commercial heard consists of three hundred cows, mainly Simmentaler and Brahman cross-bred.

Twenty Simmentaler and Brahman bulls are selected annually from the stud for selling as breeding stock. Therefore, a strict selection of only the best genetics is the main goal of Arla Simmentaler and Karla Brahman. The focus point is on dark pigmentation, fertility, milk and high weaning weight. Farm Buschbrunnen produces its own fodder, nl maize and blue buffalo grass (cenchrus cillaris), for the prupose of optimum feeding.

With many years of experience, the Buschbrunn team believes in producing good quality animals, in the past and for many many years to come.

Me. Silvia van Biljon
Tel: 067 231 520 / Cell: 081 689 9787 

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