Kupferberg Brahmans, of Günter and Charlotte Hellinghausen, is situated in the Otavi Valley, Namibia.

“The foundation of the stud was laid in 1993 by obtaining part of the Heibrah Stud of Fritz Hein. Himself being a foremost breeder and cattleman – well-known over the borders of Namibia. It is with gratitude that we look back on the inspiring times we spent with this man and the amount we learned from a breeder by heart. ”


11H00, AGRA AUCTION PENS - Grootfontein

5 Commercial Brownswiss Heifers
5 Commercial Brahman Heifers


KU 19 - 173

On offer at the National Brahman Auction 2023 is this red Brahman bull, epitomising the essence of the breed with his strong head and dominant hump. 19-0173KU is well-balanced, masculine and possesses profound depth. He stands out with an exemplary topline and a very impressive underline, making him a prime choice for those seeking superior genetics.

KU 20 - 311

20-311KU is a standout Brahman bull, exhibiting a compact and medium-frame build that’s both robust and balanced. His impressive bone structure supports good depth, allowing him to carry an exceptional amount of meat. Furthermore, his well-developed hindquarters and broad stance are a testament to his genetics, making him an ideal choice for breeding programs aiming for strength and meat production.

KU 20 - 295

20-295KU is a bull with a distinct medium-frame that harmonizes well with his pronounced hump and good top-line. The bull’s commendable length and depth enhance his masculine appearance, setting him apart in any herd. His very good hindquarters further underscore his breeding potential, marking him as an essential asset for programs prioritizing both form and function.

KU 20 - 263

20-263KU is a bull showcasing a medium frame, complemented by a notably masculine head. His length and depth are impressive, giving him a commanding presence. With well-formed hindquarter and an evident ease on his feet, he is a prime candidate for breeders focusing on both structure and mobility in their stock.

KU 20 - 299

20-299KU is medium-frame, with a pronounced hump that pairs perfectly with his excellent top line. His clean sheath will prove to be valuable to breeders selecting for proper conformation and structure, while his broad stance emphasizes stability and strength. This bull is undeniably an asset for breeders aiming to combine form and function. 


5 Commercial Brownswiss Heifers & 5 Brahman Heifers

Commercial Heifers in calf available


The Kupferberg Brahman Stud has proven over 28 years, that breeding is a long term investment. It is through consistent pursuit of basic breeding principals like structural correctness, fertility, sound reproduction, good-naturedness, adaptability, in-depth knowledge of cow herd – just to name a few – we try to service our customers.

We aim to keep a healthy balance in our breeding program between technical advances – scanning, breed plan – and honouring the unique traits that have placed the Brahman on the top list of popularity among cattle.

Since “breeding what you see” is part of our strict selection, we have found, that the consciousness of a caring environment is also very much part of successful breeding. In upgrading the stud, we make use of the best genetics available.

Günter & Charlotte Hellinghausen
P.O. Box 255 Otavi, Namibia
Cell: 081 124 3073

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